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Our images are used in advertising, graphic design, editorial stories, marketing products and more. All images meet rigorous standards of quality control. Rights to reproduce MATO (Schapowalow)'s images can be purchased online through our e-commerce facility or ordered direct from our picture library team.

MATO Collection

This collection presents a selection of our contemporary landscape and location photography. Symbolic, unusual, sometimes challenging and occasionally surreal. Just a few of the ideas we had whilst making this collections. Alternative moves and changes, it´s always evolving. Today´s alternative may be tomorrow´s mainstream. It´s creative thinking with light and camera; it´s here and now. It´s the ever-changing front line of modern photography. You might like it.

N.Y.SEE Collection

With the N.Y.SEE Collection, MATO (Schapowalow) offers new and exclusive images of New York City.
Our ongoing collaborative photography project goes beneath the skin of New York, into the boroughs and neighbourhoods that make New York one of the most exciting cities in the world.


If you´re producing calendars, you need inspirational and enduring photography.

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In early 2012 our photo features site Solomango was relaunched in a blog format. Solomango offers contemporary travel reportage as well as diverting, informative and visually inspiring news and behind the scenes snippets and insights from our photographers and partner agencies.

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